One-on-one sessions

A one-on-one yoga session is a deeper kind of self-care that will help you move from blocks that could make your body and soul suffer. You might not realize or just don't see that in the crazy rhythm of everyday routine.

Works on all spiritual levels

Long-lasting stress elimination
Of course, you can relax in a spa salon, get a nice massage or do some exercises, but the problem with this type of relaxation session is that the effect doesn’t last long; in a short while your stress is back. The roots of your emotional discomfort are located in deep subconscious levels that should be treated from within.

Unique divine practice

Combined with healing session
Combined with a healing session, a unique divine practice will allow us to reach your subconscious levels and bring relief to old karmic seeds. You will learn a few techniques and get some tools for everyday use that will bring amazing changes to your life!

Individual Approach

Involves different techniques
The approach is completely individual. Depending on what we are going to work on, I might use somatic touch, sound and aromatherapy or involve some crystals to support the work.

What to expect from your session

During the session, you will become submerged in your subconscious mind. Intuitively, you’ll experience an awakening in your heart and soul. And I’ll be there for you. I’ll guide you through the process of learning how to distinguish the somatic markers of your system activation and how to know that your body releases energy it’s holding onto. I’ll create an environment that encourages and supports you on the way to achieving your highest potential, no matter what you are seeking for.

Session cost is $85CAD

Whether you are an experienced yogi or have been curious about beginning – I have a one-on-one session that is right for you!


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Stay Divine Reviews

"Recently, I attended Stay Divine Yoga and was hooked after the first class. Since then, a weekly yoga class is mandatory to my well-being. I’ve always been impressed with Lina’s deep knowledge of yoga as a science and a philosophy. Yoga has brought peace and joy to my life."
‘’For a long while, I had been suffering from chronic back pain; even putting my adorable little grandson in a stroller was a problem. I took painkillers, used physiotherapy, acupuncture, massage … you name it. Stay Divine Yoga cured me. And I can sincerely say that yoga is the best way to enjoy your life to the fullest, no matter how old you are.’’
‘’I’ve been practicing yoga for 10 years at a number of places and from different instructors. None was as skilled and as sensitive to individual needs as Lina. She trusts the ancient wisdom of yoga and can lead others to the lifestyle when mind, body, and spirit act in harmony.’’