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By the Grace and with the blessing of my Guru

My Philosophy

Yours truly humble yogi is here to share with you her philosophy.

Since ancient times, yoga has been the highest connection with cosmic achievements. Every doctrine has its own yoga according to the level of evolution. The yoga types do not compete with each other; they are like the branches of a tree that give relief to a traveler tired of the heat. About 24 years ago the Power made me start the journey to … myself, my inner self.

Years of practicing yoga and meditation, Qigong, Reiki, sound healing, and Slavic Tradition have become the Pathway landmarks. The approaches and types of practice might be different, but all of them are united in the understanding of necessity of the Pathway. When we’ve found ourselves on the Pathway, the Power helps us and we can get the knowledge which is not written in the books. This Power has made me start another landmark of my life – sharing the techniques and thoughts that have been accumulated during these 24 years.

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Meditation techniques
Meditation techniques
Meditation techniques
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Specialized workshops
Specialized workshops
Specialized workshops

Come and Learn!

Bring your life to the fullest human potential

You are invited to come and learn together with me asanas, exercises, pranayams, Qigong and Reiki deep breathing practices, which will help us in Personal growth, self-empowerment and brining our life to the fullest human potential.

You can choose for yourself:

  • every week classes
  • one-on-one session
  • or combine them together for more benefits like better health, stress relief, personal development and inner wellbeing

Monthly workshops and every year retreats will help us to join together not just for practicing yoga and meditation, but for sharing some experience and helping each other to create an inner transformation that deepens our perception of the way we look at our life.

Yoga is not just asanas and exercises; it is a lifestyle that can bring a lot of amazing changes to our life! Nothing is more permanent than Change. Don’t lose the Pathway and the Power will be always with you…

I am Lina Kaihanidi

….And here some facts about me:

  • Bachelor of Science (math & physics), 1993
  • 3-month philosophy course
  • 3-step of advanced Qigong
  • Master Reiki
  • Certified yoga teacher (500h course)
  • Certificate in sound healing meditation (200h course)
  • Learning and practising Agni yoga since 2007
  • Learning and practicing North Sacral Tradition
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